I am Konstantinos Zacharakis, a freelance Director/Animator living in Finland.

I got my first break into game animation starting out as a Junior animator at Nitro games. I then continued onto MPC where I worked on several Films while also doing some work for Autodesk. After that I started working on music videos, while simultaneously, in my spare time, always practicing animation and exploring other disciplines that would allow me to create and share my vision through original content.

During the time I was working in film, I was in a long distance relationship and I was looking for the best way to be with my fiance, while not compromising my dreams. Then suddenly, the pandemic outbreak happened. I was introduced to the freelancing life, and that completely changed my mindset about the possibilities of remote work and high quality productions.

I managed to relocate back to Finland to be close to my loved ones and create KZanim Ltd.

An abbreviation, that became a pseudonym for social media and later evolved into a company with the goal of creating top quality animation.

As we’re facing this pandemic, filmmaking and animation are both fields becoming slowly democratised using affordable tools to create high end results. I am currently focusing on offering outsourcing services for animation productions and developing short films and related content such as commercials, music videos, game trailers, as well as original content. All under the banner of KZanim studio.