[ about us ]

We're all about Animation!

3D animation is undeniably one of the best ways to deliver any story and promote your brand. Whether you want to create virtual characters and environments that resemble reality or you choose a more stylized look. We can help you to bring your idea to life with our sophisticated tools and creative animators and designers.

Since day one we’ve been determined to not limit ourselves to any one genre or style and to produce high quality animated content driven by stories.

We provide short form, narrative driven, animated content.
Animated idents (identifiers), commercials, music videos,
cinematics, trailers or short films etc.

If you are a television channel, webcasting company, video production house, or business that wants to create animated content, feel free to contact us to get precise and seamless animation that is memorable and can leave a mark of its own.

[ company strategy ]

Our Philosophy

To produce and deliver high end animated content with distinctive characters and compelling stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.

Our Mission

- Push the boundaries as we share engaging stories for a broader audience.
- Deliver extraordinary visual content that distinguishes KZanim from the rest, while providing value to our clients.
- Establish KZanim as the benchmark for animated narrative storytelling.

Our Vision

Storytelling, creativity, integrity, communication, perseverance and excellence. We're committed to bring strong stories to life.

Our Values

Read more about our vision, mission, and values here.

[ how we work ]

From Sketch to Life

Fully Remote / Cloud Based!

Today, the world is a smaller place than it has ever been, thanks to the internet reaching even the most remote parts of the globe. Simultaneously, talent can be found all around the world. Our pipeline enables us to leverage resources from across the world and customize each production to the demands of our clients by hand-selecting competent and efficient artists.
Covid-19 taught us that remote, cloud-based companies can thrive without the unnecessary
overhead costs if the right procedures are in place.
We’ve designed our studio to operate and produce amazing content based on that very concept. 

Ideas & concept with a purpose!

Humans have been using storytelling to communicate plain lessons and messages since the beginning of time. Both the stories and the lessons were probably simpler and only delivered through the most accessible means like the spoken and written word. Stories can teach us about society, class, relationships, emotions, people or brands.
Through the advancements in technology new mediums were invented and are now used to share stories. Animation is one of the newer, younger forms we have and as audiences are becoming more and more desensitized to most content due to oversaturation and boring, recycled, repeated stories, we come in to make a difference.

KZanim is driven to create engaging, moving stories with appealing visuals but also, most importantly, stories that capture the audience's attention and help communicate a message.


Coming up with a compelling and engaging story can be a scary task. Don’t worry because we will create a versatile and innovative script that will help you convey your message and story in any platform you choose. 
We can start by creating the idea, or fleshing out any ideas you might already have, with you and working on a concept that best serves your purpose. 

Storyboard & animatic production

Early on in the process we'll start working on the storyboards and slowly move into an animatic production. It is a needed step during pre-production that helps us stay on track and better visualize the final product  that best conveys your message.
A storyboard is a series of drawings that lay out the sequences of a scene in animation, while an animatic is a roughly animated storyboard timed to the desired length.
Storyboards and animatics in production can save you a lot of time, energy, and money by giving an insight of what potential problems can occur during the production phase.

Character design & asset development

We design and create animated characters that are inspired by the script. We focus on world class design principles that give uniqueness to each character and helps to differentiate your content from everything else. Once the designs are approved, it is time to move on to their actual creation as 3d models. Here, we use digital sculpting tools to push and emphasize the appeal of your chosen design. Finally, we finish the look development by producing amazing shaders/textures according to the desired style. 

3D animation

Animation is when everything starts to take shape. 
We start by creating layouts based on the animatics and animating the cameras and characters. Here is when we start seeing characters come to life and move as if they have feelings and emotions. Usually the most time consuming stage of production but seeing the results always makes it a satisfying one. We animate in many different styles and there's many details to be decided during this process. Production is on the way! 

Rendering & Editing

For a single picture or frame, rendering might take anything from seconds to days and animation needs 24 frames per second.
Real-time and offline or pre-rendering are the two primary forms of rendering in 3D, with the fundamental distinction being the speed at which the pictures are computed and processed. Our Real-time renderer of choice is Unreal Engine.

Smaller companies and teams can now achieve incredible outcomes thanks to Epic and Unreal. Real-time rendering, which is most popular in video games, involves calculating 3D pictures at a very rapid rate, close to real time, so that scenes including a large number of images appear to be happening in real time (when players interact with your game for example).

As a result, in the real-time rendering process, interactivity and speed are crucial.
We aim to  take advantage of that fact and use this technology for linear storytelling. Unreal has transformed rendering from a purely computer gaming business to a viable option for filmmaking, advertising, and other animated material.

However, there are certain limitations to what can be accomplished. Because the technology is largely built on gaming engines, there are still certain limits, and there is still room for improvement. In most situations, the difference between other rendering engines is minor and unnoticeable.

Real-time rendering improves the process for artists while also assisting clients in seeing the eventual outcome. Additionally, when approaching the final render, it enables for more and faster revisions. This is when the technology's benefits begin to shine.

The animation process is essentially a never-ending loop of trial and feedback, trial and feedback, trial and feedback - until you're either short on time/money or you're happy with the result. We aim for the later and as a result, we truly believe that rendering in real time and receiving immediate feedback is a huge plus!