Life in Every Breath – (2022) – (In production) 

Police Brutality Must Stop! – (2021)


KZanim is a cloud-based production company founded in 2021 by Konstantinos Zacharakis, a Greek animation director/animator with a decade of experience in the film, advertising and video-game industry.

Konstantinos is best known for his work as an animator for Films/commercials and as a teacher sharing his knowledge on YouTube and creating a lion walk cycle tutorial for an Animation Campaign by Autodesk.

With a strong background in fine art and design, Konstantinos, after studying and working for a year as a Graphic Designer, moved to the UK in 2013 to study at the University of Lincoln, where he graduated with a BA(Hons) in Animation.

In the following years, while working in games he took animation courses to further develop his knowledge. (Animation Mentor, Spungella Workshop, Animation Sherpa). In 2019 he moved back in the UK, London and MPC working in Films such as Maleficent 2, Cats, Clifford the big red dog.

When the pandemic started, Konstantinos started working remotely as a freelancer. This is when the idea of starting KZanim started. After working with established brands doing animated commercials, music videos and game cinematics, Konstantinos decided to transition into directorial roles. He wrote, designed, and directed a short film inspired by the sad realities of the pandemic and his love for Asian tradition and samurai legends. “Life in every breath” is still a work in progress.

In the meantime, seeing the violent incidents happening in Greece in the summer of 2021, Inspired Konstantinos to write, direct and produce a 30-second short film against police brutality titled “Police Brutality Must Stop“. PBMS won multiple awards and selections worldwide and toured the festival circuit for a year.

Konstantinos’ highly visual and narrative work opened up opportunities for the future. He is working for Framestore as he’s currently looking for representation and while he keeps producing animated content and his animation journey continues.