KZanim is a boutique, fully remote animation studio.
Our goal is to keep our core team small and efficient, while collaborating remotely with a network of professionals
that come on board based on their availability and the needs of each project. 
We’re focused on creating a positive and flexible environment for teams on each project, allowing creativity to thrive. 

We are always looking for enthusiastic and ambitious people who are committed to making an impact in our industry.
Artists that are passionate about stories, captivating visuals and 3d animation will fit perfectly in our world.
We promote peer to peer learning, artists positive empowerment, honest valuable feedback and overall  personal growth.
In our current pipeline, we’re using mostly Photoshop, Blender, Maya, Substance, Zbrush, and Unreal engine.
But don’t let that stop you, we’d love to see what you can bring!

If you’d like to join our roster of talents don’t hesitate to reach out with a quick message including your reel and a short introduction. 🙂